Funding scholarships, programs and facilities in support of championship athletics.

Philanthropic Endowments

An initiative to endow scholarships for all student-athletes at Texas A&M.

Texas A&M athletics was changed forever on January 2, 1922.

That was the day E. King Gill was called from the crowd to put on a uniform and stand ready for his team.

It was a transformative moment in Aggie history, and his actions still shape the fabric of our school. The 12th Man tradition was born that day, and Gill’s legacy of support is the most visible part of what makes Texas A&M so unique.

Much like E. King Gill’s actions have shaped our past, we are now at a moment in time when we can similarly impact the future of A&M athletics. The 1922 Fund represents our desire to endow scholarships for all student-athletes at Texas A&M. It is an initiative that will benefit student-athletes from different teams, backgrounds and upbringings, and it is one that will forever resonate. An investment in the 1922 Fund is a direct investment in the long-term viability and success of Texas A&M Athletics.

The 12th Man Foundation and its Major Gifts staff invite you to make a transformative investment in the future of our student-athletes. Ninety-five years ago, E. King Gill helped set a course for A&M. Now, you can set the course for our future.

For information on how you can support Texas A&M student-athletes through a scholarship gift, please contact the 12th Man Foundation Major Gifts staff.

"Coming to Texas A&M definitely changed my life.

To those who support student-athletes by giving, I want to say thanks and gig 'em.

Without them, many young people who aren't financially stable or can't provide an education for themselves have a great opportunity. It makes A&M a better place."

Damontre Moore
Texas A&M Football Letterman, Miami Dolphins Defensive End