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Tickets & Parking

In future years will I have the opportunity to relocate my tickets if I desire?

Season ticket holders in good standing can request a change in ticket location at the time of renewal each year. Requests will be handled based on ticket availability and priority point ranking.

Is the cost of the season football ticket and parking pass included in my donation?

No, donations are separate and apart from the cost of season tickets and parking.

How do I obtain priority parking?

For priority parking, you must be a season ticket holder in that sport. Parking assignments are made annually based on Priority Points rank.

"A&M has given us so much.

When it comes down to it, education is the most important thing someone can have, and student-athletes give so much of their time and talents to our school. If we can help support them to earn that diploma and Aggie ring, then that is what we want to do."

Carol '78 and Don '78 Meyer
Champions Council Members