Cost of Athletics

Texas A&M Athletics Revenue

  • Transfer from 12th Man Foundation
  • Ticket Sales through 12th Man Foundation

Funding Championship Athletics

12th Man Foundation donors and ticket buyers provide more than half of the athletics department’s annual revenue.

Donor support enables Texas A&M Athletics to increase its standing, in both athletics and academics, over the competition beyond what can be accomplished from conference distributions, multi-media rights and other revenue sources. The athletics department is 100 percent self-supporting, so donations contribute directly to the needs of our student-athletes, coaches and staff

Funding Student-Athlete Scholarships

Aggie Athletics features more than 600 student-athletes across 20 sports, with approximately 75 percent receiving financial aid from the athletics department to attend Texas A&M University.

The average annual cost per in-state scholarship student-athlete is $42,550. For an out-of-state student-athlete, that figure increases to $68,052. Nearly a third of A&M’s student-athletes are from outside the state.

Annual Scholarship Costs

Annual scholarship costs increased to a record high of $11.4 million, which represents a 25 percent increase since the 2015-16 academic year.

12th Man Foundation donors fund the scholarships and resources that help Texas A&M student-athletes be successful in the classroom. Make your impact on Aggie student-athletes with a contribution to the 12th Man Foundation.

Cost of an Annual Scholarship (millions)

$11.4 Million: Total Annual Scholarship Cost in 2019-20

2020-21 Annual Report