Make a transformative investment for Texas A&M Athletics

A Major Gift is a philanthropic donation in support of Texas A&M Athletics that extends above and beyond the cost of season tickets. These types of donations are crucial to our mission and allow us to connect our donors with an area of passion that they can directly impact.

Some donors create a long-lasting legacy by endowing an academic scholarship through our 1922 Fund. Others desire to assist with a capital campaign to help construct or redevelop an athletic facility. There are also donors who wish to support whatever area is in greatest need at that time.

Why Give?

  • Each transformational gift enhances the educational and athletic opportunities for Texas A&M student-athletes.
  • With more than 450 student-athletes receiving some level of financial aid, there are many opportunities to impact multiple generations of Aggies.
  • Further, Texas state law prohibits the use of university funds to pay for athletic facilities and other Athletics Department expenditures. That means private support is crucial to the long-term health and viability of A&M Athletics.
  • The Foundation offers a variety of benefits to its most devoted supporters, including membership in Champions Council, the John David Crow Legacy Society and Diamond Champions Council. These groups include unique, invitation-only access and face-to-face interaction with A&M student-athletes, coaches and administrators. They also provide an unmatched networking opportunity to conduct business with other committed givers, as well as foster camaraderie and friendship of those with similar passions.
  • Additionally, philanthropic donations to the 12th Man Foundation earn priority points and are considered a charitable gift for tax purposes.

Who Gives Major Gifts to the 12th Man Foundation?

  • Our major givers are as wide and varied as Texas A&M itself. While many 12th Man Foundation donors attended Texas A&M, we also boast many significant supporters who are simply Aggie fans.
  • It is inspiring to see the varied demographics of our major givers, ranging from graduates from the 1940s to younger couples with small children. No matter their backgrounds, they are bound together by their philanthropic hearts, a passion for A&M Athletics and the desire to see student-athletes succeed in competition and in the classroom.

Contact Our Major Gifts Staff for Information on Supporting Texas A&M Athletics

Brady Bullard


Bullard '95

Senior Vice President of Major Giving Programs

Brian Bishop


Bishop '91

Vice President Of Major Gifts

Lauren Cooper



Assistant Vice President of Major Gifts

Lauren Hickey



Director of Development

Lauren Cooper


Fisher '17

Manager of Development Services

Brendan Quinn


Quinn '15

Manager of Campaign & Development Services

Brian Bishop



Major Gifts Intern

"With the help of the 12th Man, A&M has done a great job of having some of the finest athletic facilities in the world that all of us can be proud of. It's a top tier university without question in many respects. And certainly, athletic facilities need to shadow that and show that they are top tier. We believe in that. That's why we contribute."

Rod Thornton '63


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