Complete the Change/Remove Sports Pass Form if you would like to downgrade or remove your Sports Pass. If you decide later that you would like to add the sports pass back, please email

Sports Pass Full Refund

If you registered for a Sports Pass and do not enroll at Texas A&M or withdraw from the University, you must submit a refund request. Sports Passes are not automatically removed upon withdrawal.

This includes students who have not yet picked up their Sports Pass card. Refund requests must be received before the first home football game to qualify for a full refund.

Sports Pass Partial Refund

If a student withdraws from the University during the Fall semester a refund (based on the number of football games remaining) is available. The student must complete the refund form prior to the final home football game of the season. There is no refund for non-football events.

If you signed up for a Sports Pass during freshman conferences, but ultimately did not attend A&M, your Sports Pass will not be automatically removed. You will need to complete and submit the refund request form for the fee to be removed from your account.

No refunds or cancellations will be given for students not withdrawing from the University after the first home football game.